How is your home protected during roof replacement?

In a previous blog post, we discussed the 10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Roofing Contractor. One question that we did not cover is: How is your home protected during a roof replacement? This question is so important. Therefore, we decided to create a blog to specifically discuss the topic.

At Right Rate Roofing, protecting your house from water damage is what we do every day, and protecting the outside of your home is just as important. We teamed up with The Catch-All to provide our customers with the best protection system on the market.

The Catch-All system protects better!

Protecting job sites with The Catch-All is quickly becoming a roofing industry standard and at Right Rate Roofing, we bring this solution to every job site for our customers.

The Catch-All is a win-win for Right Rate Roofing because it protects our customers’ homes, landscaping, trees, etc. and it makes our job site cleanup quicker. That saves us time and saves you, our customer, money!

The Catch-All

Why should you hire Right Rate Roofing?

Simply put, we offer years of industry experience and provide fast online estimates returned within 24 hours. We service a 75-mile radius around Quincy, Illinois including Iowa and Missouri. You can rely on Right Rate Roofing to deliver right quality at a right rate for your project. Whether you are in need of a roof replacement or you are building a new home, Right Rate Roofing is the right choice. We can answer all the questions you have regarding your new roof. It is what we do and we want to do it right for your home.

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