1. Online Estimate

Done with the same technology insurance companies use to verify the measurements of your roof


2. Property evaluation & Consultation

At this stage we meet you at your home. We evaluate your property to make sure we have everything that should be on the estimate. Also to go over our estimate with you to explain our process in detail and answer any questions you may have.

3. Tear Off and inspection of the decking

This is a crucial step in our process. If your roof deck needs repaired or replacing we use recommendations by the NRCA to make these repairs. NRCA recommends 15/32 or thicker Plywood (non OSB) on roof decks.

New Project (11)
New Project (12)

4. Installation beyond Code Compliance Underlayments/Flashing.

Another crucial step in your roof installation is the installation of the underlayments/flashings. In our process we use Owens Corning branded products based on manufacture instructions to bring your roof beyond code compliance

5. Installation of Shingles

We use specific trade skills to leave your roof with a beautiful finish you will be proud of.

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6. Clean up!

We pride ourselves in how clean we leave your home. We use rare earth magnets, tarps and specific labor processes to achieve the look we expect at the end of a job.

Roofing Specializations - Installation & Repair

Right Rate Roofing takes pride in offering top-notch, reliable services in property evaluation and roof replacement. Backed by years of experience in the industry, We offer trained and exceptional roofing installation processes and construction estimation. Get in touch with us for more information and let us know your requests.