What brand of shingle do we use at Right Rate Roofing?

What brand of shingle do we use at Right Rate Roofing?

Typically, one of the first questions we receive from our clients when we are discussing their roofing needs is the brand of shingle we use. At Right Rate Roofing, we use the Owens Corning Total Protection Roofing System. We chose Owens Corning because they are the industry-leader in the roofing materials manufacturing process. They produce all their roofing materials up to building code or beyond.

Why is Owens Corning so important to Right Rate Roofing?

Owens Corning allows Right Rate Roofing to deliver a superior whole Roof System to our customers and their homes. The Total Protection Roofing System from Owens Corning creates the most complete barrier between the outside elements and the interior of your home.

When discussing shingle replacement, it is critical to know what you are getting underneath your shingles to ensure the product lasts. If the underlayment or ventilation is done incorrectly, the shingle will not live up to expectations.  With Right Rate Roofing, you get three layers of protection from Owens Corning to ensure this does not happen. We deliver the peace-of-mind you need with Owens Corning materials.

Why should you hire Right Rate Roofing?

Simply put, we offer years of industry experience and provide fast online estimates returned within 24 hours. We service a 75-mile radius around Quincy, Illinois including Iowa and Missouri. You can rely on Right Rate Roofing to deliver right quality at a right rate for your project. In need of a Free Estimate, contact us now to find out how we can help!