Evaluation and Estimation

At Right Rate Roofing, a contractor will need to evaluate your property in person to begin an evaluation and provide an estimate. Measuring your eaves and porch areas are crucial. Your contractor should have an accurate count and size list of your pipe flashings. For instance, if you have a chimney, the condition of the flashing and chimney itself should be discussed and listed on the estimate. Supporting documentation should be included in the estimate. Therefore, examples of documentation would be pictures, certificate of insurance listing, general liability along with work comp coverages. Your contractors license number should also be included if your area requires it.

The estimate should also include the measurements of the roof. These could be hand written measurements with a drawing or satellite measurements. Satellite measurements are preferred as they are done by a third party. It should also include a detailed line by line estimate, listing small details about what each line item is and how it pertains to your specific home. Code compliance should be listed for items, such as, ice and water barrier and ventilation in the estimate also.

Also, decking should be discussed and what the costs are associated when it needs replaced. Some questions to ask would be, how are rafter repairs handled if needed? Is there a material warranty listed? What about a labor warranty listed and who is responsible for activating the warranty? There is a difference and choosing a contractor that will list the warranty on the estimate is crucial.  Notice I didn’t say anything about shingles? While shingles are important, there are many brands and levels of quality within each brand. Your contractor should be able to explain this in detail but it should not be the main focus of the estimate. Right Rate Roofing will not leave out any important detail in your estimate. Give us a call or visit our website today!

Why should you hire Right Rate Roofing?

Right Rate Roofing will offer years of industry experience and provide fast online estimates returned within 24 hours. We service a 75-mile radius around Quincy, Illinois including Iowa and Missouri. You can rely on Right Rate Roofing to deliver right quality at a right rate for your project. In need of a Free Estimate, contact us now to find out how we can help!